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  • Samsung S7 Edge Polycarbonate Case


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    Samsung S7 Edge Polycarbonate Case



    Measured to fit comfortably on Samsung S7 Edge phone and to protect from all types of scratches and drops. Protect your device with an Eco friendly Polycarbonate material with frosted coating and silky smooth touch feeling. The Polycarbonate material is very hard and mostly used in toys and bulletproof glasses. Lightweight ultra slim design gives you an elegant and sleek cover to style your phone and also protects it.
    You could imagine spending a couple of hundred dollars for the latest smartphone, taking it home, and enjoying all of its incredible features — only to drop it a few days later and shatter its screen? Smartphones are tested numerous times but, by nature, their touch screens are delicate and their bodies are not immune to nicks or chips. For many smartphone users, polycarbonate cases offer the best protection for their devices and are the best smartphone cases. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages of polycarbonate smartphone cases.
    Advantages of Polycarbonate

    • Polycarbonate is a thick type of plastic that is very strong.
    • The material is used to make toys, storage containers, eyeglasses and even bulletproof glass, so you can be sure that it is durable.
    • If you drop your smartphone in a polycarbonate case, the polycarbonate is designed to resist the impact and disperse the shock of the fall.
    • Due to it melting process, Polycarbonate can be module in very thin sheets and still provide high level protection to your devices.

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    Black, Light Gold, Rose Wine


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