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Samsung S6 Edge Curved Edge Tempered Glass


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Samsung S6 Edge Curved Edge Tempered Glass

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Acquire a unique new technology to protect your Samsung S6 Edge devices. The new screen protector is made with Japanese Asahi Glass and has a Oleophobic coating to prevent any finger and oil marks.
Tempered glass screen has a 9H hardness combined with Anti Burst technology to prevent phone screen if in case you drop it. It comes with 4 different color – Gold, Blue, Black & White to match Samsung phone. So now you can have same color or add another to give your phone a different look.
Technical Specification:

  • Nano-coated Tempered Glass Film
  • Full Screen 9H Hardness Anti-Burst Tempered Glass
  • Japanese Asahi Glass
  • Japanese Adhesive
  • Unaffected touch response and feel once glass is added to LCD
  • 9H glass is 3 times stronger than a standard screen protector and can protect you device from keys, coins and other sharp material scratches
  • Oleophobic Coating to prevent any finger prints and oil residue
  • Sensitive Touch
  • Anti-Shatter Film
  • If broken, the Tempered Glass breaks into small pieces that are not sharp, making it safer than other glass products.



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