Refurbished Products

All refurbished products in Yadav Technologies are repaired and restored to a like-new state. There are various types of grading in refurbished products – Grader A, Grade B & Grade C.
Grade A, is the finest quality level or as new product level refurbishment. This is very close to or as new products which are thoroughly checked, tested and repaired if needed and polished to as good as new. Products with Grade A are practically new products and comes with full 12 month warranty.
Grade B, is the second best level of the refurbishment and products are in excellent conditions with very minor wear and tear, which are un-noticeable and products work and perform up to their best level. All Grade B products come with 6 months warranty.
Grade C, is the third level of refurbishment where products are not with high quality but still in working condition. These products are fairly used and refurbishment is not to the highest level. All Grade C products come with 3 months warranty and do perform normally to their specifications.
All of our Refurbished products are verified to work properly and include all parts and accessories (original or comparable substitutes). All refurbished products sold by Yadav Technologies are personally checked, tested and approved by our highly experienced and trusted team before proudly provided to our customers.
Are these Refurbished products are same as 2nd hand used products?
No, all refurbished phones are used phones however, they all are taken apart and replaced with new parts (if required), performed a full makeover (factory refurbishment) and then assembled with as new quality. All parts (only if required like screen, front or back covers etc.) are brand new OEM parts used as replacement, so you are best assured to have a genuine product.
A 2nd hand product is used and simply sold to another user without any refurbishment. So if any part or item in used product is bad or damaged, it will not be replaced or fixed. The end user will use them as is. Please note any used products sold by Yadav Technologies will be marked as used and will be fully tested before sale.
Why would you buy Refurbished products?
There are lots of high brand products available in market and they all are very expensive. In today’s world as technologies are improving and invented on daily basis it’s hard to keep up with the pace of new technology and to acquire them whenever they change. That’s where refurbished products and options are supportive.
You can have same product with the same style, technology, brand and feel with refurbished product as you will with new ones whereas in refurbished you would only pay a very less amount of money compare to the new products. You can have more than one or change your products without worrying about the high price tags and still get the same satisfaction as new product (including full warranty).
If you’re a student and need a high-end product for your college or for your projects, you can still get them without paying a high market price.
We at Yadav Technologies, treat our refurbished products as part of our company trust and sell them with proud. You won’t be let down with our highly tested and finest quality refurbish products (Phones, Tablets, Computers, and Laptops etc.)
Why buy Refurbished products from Yadav Technologies?
It’s very simple:
Full Refund on purchase (as per our refund policy)
Value for money
Top brands (Apple, Samsung, HTC, LG etc.)
Sim Free Phones
Refund and Warranty on all refurbished products from Yadav Technologies
All refurbished products in Yadav Technologies are fully covered with warranties (as per their grades) and can be bought with trust. We also have a refund policy on all refurbished products. Please refer to our policies to know more in detail.